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It’s Not What You Expect For Beach Visit..!
13Apr, 2018

It’s Not What You Expect For Beach Visit..!

Accessorizing carefully should always be the rule. When it comes to accessories less is usually more and beyond than your imagination.. It’s Not What You Expect For Beach Visit only..! These are going to be your love as soon as you buy them..You can either wrap it around your neck or simply hang it and let the ends fall naturally. The uprising trend of Sarongs just recently surfaced on the runways so we can definitely conclude that it’s fairly new to the mainstream fashion scene. Prints in general are very trendy during spring and summer season as they are one of this Season’s hottest fashion items.


Perfect Travelling Accessory

Sarongs are a must-have fashion staple when traveling to tropical Weather. This colorful, rectangular piece of Printed fabric can be worn a number of ways, making it incredibly versatile and a flashy and flattering option for any look or occasion. It can be worn as a dress, a skirt, a halter top, and more. A sarong is able to transform itself into an accessory or talking piece for any outfit, a sarong is the perfect addition to a fashionable traveler’s suitcase. You can use sarongs the world over as beach towels as they dry quickly and are easy to carry.


Can be a Strapless Dress

The dress is one of common ways of wearing a sarong. Holding the fabric length-wise according to your required size, wrap the sarong from one side of your body to the other. Pull the top corners together tightly and tie or tuck them into the top edges of the dress.


Triangle Skirt

A simple, flirty skirt that shows off your legs. Fold opposite corners of your sarong together, don’t worry about the edges matching up perfectly, this skirt is meant to be unsymmetrical! Then, point down, wrap the longer edge of your triangle around your waist and tie at the hip and you are ready.


Party Off-Shoulder Dress

A cool and sporty option for the beach party or rooftop bar party. Starting it with the long side of the fabric held parallel with your arm span, place one top corner at the middle of your back and wrap the sarong around until your body is fully covered. Bring the remaining fabric to the front and pull the top corner over your shoulder to tie with the corner in the center of your back and it’s done.

Bottom Shorts

The colorful Mass shorts are comfy and simple to wear. Firstly, Take two corners of the sarong so that the fabric is held out in front of you with the longer side parallel to your arm. Afterwards, wrap the top corners behind you to meet at the small of your back. Take the remaining fabric and pull it front to back between your legs, and tuck it into the waist.


Short Skirt

This cute and flirty Short skirt is perfect as a cover up over a swimsuit or paired with a tank top for a day on the boardwalk. Assemble the corners of each short side together and wrap the fabric in one hand fully all around your body until you are covered on all sides. Then, ties either bunch together in a knot or twist it together.


Trendy Jacket Style

Old-world technique meets new-age Girl! Once again, hold the top corners of the sarong horizontally along your arm span. From behind, bring your arms and the fabric forward under your underarm, to the front. Tightly pull one side under the opposite arm, and take the other corner over the opposite shoulder to form the sleeves. Pull the two corners together and tie in a knot and it’s done..

Get Cherished Look

Beach Wear to Evening Wear, Sarongs don’t take up much room in your suitcase and they can easily be dressed up or down, as the way you want.

Elegant Shoulder Wrap

The shoulder wrap is the perfect sunny accessory for a sundress. First, fold your sarong in half diagonally so that the corners meet. Next, drape it over your shoulders. You can either tie the knot at your sternum for a classic shawl look, or move a knot to your shoulder for a fashionable asymmetrical look.

We offers Cotton printed Sarongs which are available in host of designs and color that reflect the fashion trends. Our Sarongs are manufactured and sold in attractive colors and exclusive designs. Soft, comfortable, they enhance the style and beauty of the outfit of modern women. Importers buy Wholesale Cotton printed Sarongs in discounted price for high quality and make long term business relationships with us…

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